“I Thought I was a Lone Wolf. I Just Stuck by Myself. And as It Turns Out, I Actually Fit In”

In April 2013 at Miller High School in Corpus Christi, Texas, Tyrell Clay was elected Prom King, but he gave the crown to a long-time friend, Adam Chadwick, and let him be king. Tyrell is a popular athlete who plays football, basketball, and track. Adam does not play sports and has a heavy load of Advanced Placement courses. Adam said, “I’m not really into sports. That’s just not who I am.” Both were nominated for Prom King, even though before being nominated Adam was not sure he would go. He said, “I asked a few girls out. I got rejected three times, so I almost said forget it. And then I get nominated, so I have to go.” Fortunately, a fourth girl asked him to the prom, and he accepted. Popular athlete Tyrell was voted Prom King, but he said, “I could see like the disappointment in Adam’s face. He was like really red, and he was looking down to the ground. And I was like he deserves this more than me.” Adam said about Tyrell, “He walks across the floor, and puts the crown on my head, and it probably wasn’t a minute, but I felt like I was frozen for a minute.” Tyrell said, “We had made a bet in first period, and I told him if you get king, I will bow to you, so I walked over there and gave it to him, and I bowed to him, and everybody just kind of cheered. It was pretty amazing. I kind of liked it. And he got a real happy like smile. It was pretty funny. It was pretty sad. I wanted to cry, but I was like no you can’t cry.” Adam said, “I’m more in with the crowd than I thought I was. I thought I was a lone wolf. I just stuck by myself. And as it turns out, I actually fit in.”

For Further Information: Bart Bedsole, “Miller Prom King Shows Royal Character With Gesture.” KRIS-TV (Corpus Christi, Texas). 26 April 2013


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