“You Again? How Many Times am I Going to Have to Beat the Tar Out of You Tonight?”

A woman was working the night shift at a convenience store in France when two men who had been in a fight — one had a black eye and a split lip, and the other had a nosebleed and a swollen cheek — came in and started making lewd comments to her and otherwise harassing her. Another man came into the store and said to the two harrassers, “You again? How many times am I going to have to beat the tar out of you tonight?” The two harrassers looked at the man and immediately left the store. The female employee asked the man, “What the f*** just happened?” The man replied, “They tried to mug me about two hours ago.”

For Further Information: “They Make A Mockery Of Muggery.” Notalwaysright.com.  Accessed 29 April 2013.


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