A Much-Needed and –Appreciated Birthday Gift: A Wheelchair

In April 2013, 10-year-old Alex Maurice Fraits received a much-needed and –appreciated birthday gift from the grade-one students at the Moneague Primary and Junior High School in St. Ann, Jamaica, and from their class teacher Kesreen Dillon and student teacher from the Moneague College Patrice Wilson: a brand-new Everest and Jennings wheelchair. All final-year student teachers from the Moneague College must perform a project with their class while they are spending 11 weeks in a practicum. Ms. Wilson’s class project combined two topics from the class curriculum: “Caring for family members with physical challenges” and the “Good Samaritan.” Now the students of Grade 1D are “The Good Samaritans of Grade 1D.” Ms. Wilson learned about Alex from community health aid nurse Janice Beadle-Campbell, who works at the Moneague Health Centre. In 2011, the mother of Alex and his oldest sister, Keneisha Harrison, died, and now Alex and Keneisha live in Faith’s Pen in the parish. Alex’ mother had been unable to buy him a wheelchair, but she had wanted him to have one so that he could go to school. Marcia Hinds, the principal of Moneague Primary and Junior High, said, “The entire teaching body at the school was touched by the presentation [of the wheelchair to Alex], and many teachers had positive comments to offer pertaining to the project.” She added, “This act of kindness goes in tandem with the saying ‘a good deed cannot go unnoticed.’”

For Further Information: “A good deed.” Jamaica Observer. 15 April 2013


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