Pay it Forward UAE

Nadia Mashar, age 27, is originally from California, USA, but she has long had ties to the United Arab Emirates because in 1992 her parents started a small business in Dubai. In 2012, Nadia herself began working in Dubai in the private-equity sector. A friend of her brother’s offered to help her on a personal project, and she was so impressed by his offer of help that she started a new project: Pay it Forward UAE. She has a Facebook page on which she has listed 101 good deeds. She said, “Most of those things on the list, most of us can do.” She said about her brother’s friend, “I was just touched that someone would help me. After a few days, I sat down and put it [the project] together.” She herself has done approximately one-third of the good deeds; many of them she performed in the United States. The first good deed she did in Dubai was to leave a magazine outside the apartment of a neighbor. Nadia said that she hopes that people will pay good deeds forward to someone else. She said, “If I do something for someone, I don’t want them to do that to me. You know? I want them to go and do it to someone else. The point is not to give back, because then the circle breaks; then it becomes between you and another person. It has to keep on going.” Nadia has also done such good deeds as give a toy to a child in a hospital. She said, “If you look at it from a selfish point of view, it’s little things that don’t take a lot of money or time. You get the type of excitement — or, at least, I did — more than going to the best party in town.” Visit <> and search for “Pay it Forward UAE.”

For Further Information: Zaineb Al Hassani, “UAE expat tries to set up a chain of good deeds.” The National (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates). 2 May 2013

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