“This is an Incredible Thing. I Would Never have Expected This in My Life”

In May 2013 in Wareham, Massachusetts, many Good Samaritans completed an enlarging and a renovation of the house of Cindy Jeffers, age 59, to enable her to more easily take care of her disabled 12-year-old grandson, Jeremiah, who has cerebral palsy. She also has another grandson who lives with her. Ms. Jeffers said, “For these children, we love them so much.” She added, “This is an incredible thing. I would never have expected this in my life.” Victor Fernandes, a founder of the Team Noah Foundation and board member at the Schwartz Center in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, said that the value of the work that everyone did on the house was approximately $150,000. Leading the work were the Team Noah Foundation, Cameron’s Kids, and the Trevor / Jordan Alves Foundation (TJA). During the week her house was enlarged (it doubled in size) and renovated, Ms. Jeffers and her grandsons stayed at a Hyannis motel. Her house now has a basement, a washer and dryer, three bedrooms, and a lift that will help transport Jeremiah from his bed to the handicapped-accessible bathroom. In 2004, Jeffrey and Debbie Goulart founded the non-profit Cameron’s Kids in honor of their son, who — like Jeremiah — had cerebral palsy. Jeffrey Goulart said, “I guess this is what it means to be a neighbor.” Debbie Goulart said, “Jeremiah, you are now family to every single one of us.”

For Further Information: Natalie Sherman, “New home — and family — for Wareham woman and two grandsons.” The Standard-Times (New Bedford, Massachusetts). 5 May 2013


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