“If I Lost that Amount of Money, I Would Hope Somebody Would Do the Same Thing for Me”

An unidentified female passenger found an envelope filled with $1,125 in cash on a Route 73 trackless trolley heading from Harvard Square to Belmont. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority operates the trolley. The female passenger did the right thing. She gave it to the driver of the trolley: Kevin White. He also did the right thing. He gave it to MBTA employees who found the man who had lost the money. Mr. White, age 48, said, “I just wanted to make sure whose ever it was got it back. The amount of money, it was either someone’s payment for an expense or rent or something … It’s not something to play with. I look at it this way. If I lost that amount of money, I would hope somebody would do the same thing for me. I wouldn’t want to take a meal out of somebody’s mouth or have their electricity shut off because I took the money they lost. It’s nice knowing it’s being returned to the rightful owner.”

For Further Information: Matt Stout, “T rider’s lost cash found by good Samaritans.” Boston Herald (Massachusetts). 7 May 2013


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