Gifts for the Homeless

The mother of Redditor BaconisDank hands out plastic bags to homeless people. BaconisDank writes that the “Winter Pack” contains a “roll of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, bottled water, tuna and crackers, teddy grahams, fruit snacks, poncho, wet wipes, toothpaste and tooth brush, gum, comb, socks, gloves.” (Redditor SucksAtVideoGames commented, “That’s chicken salad not tuna and crackers bro.”) Redditor Boomerkuwanga wrote this comment on the post: “About 20 or so years ago, I was living on the streets in Boston. I was that guy sleeping on a piece of cardboard in the alley. The first week I was homeless, Boston had its coldest recorded temp in like a decade. I tried sleeping on some building’s exhaust vent, and wound up with pretty bad burns on my side from the grate. A few days later, still during a record cold spell, some lady gave me a bag just like this. It had TP, some food, and one of those shiny emergency blankets. It seriously saved my [*]ss. I think I might have died from the cold the next few days without that blanket.  Tell your mom to keep up the good work. Those bags don’t seem like a lot, but when you’re living in a reality where 90% of people treat you as though you’re invisible, or tell you to get a job and then walk away all f[**]king pleased with themselves, a bag of food and toiletries might as well be a gift from the gods themselves. And Redditor Seekfear wrote this comment on the post: “‘get a job.’ I once said that to a 20 something young homeless girl standing at the door of grocery store. I felt so self righteous and smug with myself at the time. The look on her face was blank, Her eyes seemed as if they never blinked. As i was walking away i heard her saying ‘Sorry’ in a very dim and trembling voice. When i came back outside, i found myself looking for her; I wanted to say sorry, I wanted to apologize for my idiocracy; however, she was nowhere to be found. I drove around the parking lot looking for her, to no avail … I hope she is doing ok. I wish i could take [those] 3 words back.”

For Further Information: BaconisDank, “Bags my Mum hands out to homeless people. There seem to be more and more these days.” Reddit. 4 May 2013

Also: “Portland Homeless Bags.” Imgur. Accessed 9 May 2013>

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