“It’s Really Something When Someone Comes Up on the Street and Then Offers to Do A Kindness for You”

Phoenix, Arizona, Police Sergeant Natalie Simonick saw a teenager walking alone at night and questioned him to find out if he was underage and therefore out after curfew. Christian Felix, however, was age 18, and so she offered him a courtesy ride to his home. Police Sergeant Simonick said, “It’s really not a safe area; there were no residential homes or businesses. It was kind of desolate out there, so I asked if he wanted a ride. He said, ‘Sure.’” She found out that he walks miles to his job at a fast-food restaurant, and miles back. Police Sergeant Simonick said, “I asked him if ever had a bicycle, ’cause that’s a little safer than walking. He said he’s never ridden a bike before.” She added, “He never had a father in his life, so he had no one to teach him.” Therefore, she decided to teach him how to ride a bicycle and to give him a bicycle. She said, “Later I talked to my husband about teaching this young man how to ride a bike and I had an extra bike at home. We brought him to the precinct and taught him how to ride the bike in a parking lot.” Christian said, “It’s really something when someone comes up on the street and then offers to do a kindness for you.” He added, “It’s great. I’ve never had an actual bike before; now I just want to ride it all the time.” Police Sergeant Simonick said, “If everybody could help just one person in the world like this, I think it would definitely be a better place to live.”

For Additional Information: “Cop’s curfew check becomes good deed for Phoenix teen.” KSAZ-TV (Phoenix, Arizona). 9 May 2013


Note: The above article uses “Cristian”; other articles use “Christian.”

For Additional Information: Alexa Valiente, “Arizona Police Officer Gives Bike to Teen Who Walks 9 Miles to Work.” ABC News. 11 May 2013


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