Turning Unintentionally Bad Parking into a Good Deed

Snapkind user Aaronthomasdixon was able to turn his unintentionally bad parking into a good deed. He writes, “I accidentally parked in front of someone’s driveway. It was covered with leaves and grass, it looked like a yard and a curb.” The person whose driveway it was left a note that stated, “THANK YOU FOR BLOCKING MY DRIVEWAY,” followed by a happy face and “BUT REALLY,” followed by a sad face. Aaronthomasdixon bought Mentos and a gift-certificate from the local grocer and left it in the mailbox for the writer of the note. He also left this note: “i sorry,” followed by a sad face and “thanks for not keying my car,” followed by a happy face.

For Further Information: Aaronthomasdixon, “thanks for not keying my car.” Accessed 11 May 2013.


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