“Miss Jo, That’s Really Generous!”

In May 2013, CeCe Bruce was working at the Steak ’n Shake restaurant at Keystone and 54th Street in Indianapolis, Indiana, when she received a very generous tip. Ms. Bruce said, “I was having a hard time at another table, but kept smiling and going on.” She then picked up the credit card receipt of another customer — a regular customer called Miss Jo — she was serving and glanced at the tip that Miss Jo had left her. Ms. Bruce said, “At first I thought, ‘$46’? And I said, ‘Miss Jo, that’s really generous!’” Actually, the tip was for a much larger amount. Ms. Bruce said, “When I looked again, I said, ‘Oh, my gosh, Miss Jo, I’m not taking that!’ And she said, ‘Yes, you’re taking it,’ and I said, ‘No,’ and she said, ‘You need to take it.’” Ms. Jo had given her a $446 tip for a $5.97 order. Ms. Bruce said, “I didn’t think I was worth $400, but, you know, she feels I am.” CeCe, a part-time student at Martin University, knows what she will do with the money: “Pay bills, pay bills right on time, that’s what I’m definitely going to do. Steak ’n Shake manager Lindsay Banack said, “You’ve seen how everyone was pepped up a bit … it just makes me feel good about humanity.” Ms. Bruce said about Miss Jo, “She’s a really sweet lady, and she didn’t want any gracious gratitude. She signed the receipt and walked out the door. Miss Jo, if you’re watching [a WTHR-TV news report on which Ms. Bruce appeared], I love you and thank you very much!”

For Further Information: “Indianapolis waitress gets $446 tip.” WTHR (Indianapolis, Indiana). 15 May 2013  


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