“Easy Money is Not Good Money, You Know?”

On 20 January 2013, Rachel Castillo found a bag containing $36,000 on the Miami Beach (Florida) Golf Course, where she serves drinks. She looked through the bag and found what she called “stack after stack” of money. Ms. Castillo said, “Easy money is not good money, you know? I was really freaking out a little bit.” She also found the ID of a 76-year-old man. She did the right thing and contacted police and gave them the money. Miami Beach Police Sergeant Bobby Hernandez said about the elderly man, “He is in an assisted living facility right now. He might have a medical condition. That’s undetermined. We are in touch with the family members getting more information, but we have identified that money as his through different transactions that he made. But it’s nice that there’s people out there … $36,000 is what a lot of people make a year.” That amount of money is close to a full year’s pay for Ms. Castillo, who said, “I believe in the Bible. I’m a Christian, and the Bible says, ‘Do not steal, do not lie,’ you know, all these things, and if you do what’s right, if you live the right way, you’ll be taken care of. I believe I’ll be taken care of … if you do what’s right.”

For Further Information: “Woman finds thousands in cash at golf course.” WSVN (Miami/Fort Lauderdale, Florida). 23 April 2013


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