How to Disarm Volatile Customers

A cashier at an American clothing store knew that the store had a deal going on: Customers could get 30 percent off with a coupon. The cashier heard a man in line speaking and knew that he had a military background. When the man reached the cash register, the employee said, “Hi, I couldn’t help but overhear, but what branch are you?” He named his branch of military and added, “I did a tour of Iraq for a while.” The cashier said, “In that case, I can see that you forgot your coupon! That’s not a problem; we’ll take 30% off for you!” A woman in line started yelling, “I don’t have my 50% coupon!” When the woman reached the cash register, she said, “I deserve my 50% off!” The cashier replied, “Ma’am, our store has never had a coupon that goes over 30%.” The customer yelled at the cashier, “You gave that discount to him! Why can’t I get the discount?” The military man took off his left arm (a prosthetic) and said, “The 50% discount only costs an arm and a leg.” The female customer stopped yelling. The cashier wrote about this incident on <> and added, “Thank you to all of our military, and especially the ones with great humor!” (I highly recommend that you check out <>.)

For Further Information: “How To Disarm Volatile Customers.” <;. Accessed 19 May 2013.

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