Omid Abbasi: Heroic Iranian Firefighter

 Iranian Hero

Source of Photo: (Note: Some people have thought that this photo shows Mr. Abbasi and the girl he saved; obviously, Mr. Abbasi is in good health, so apparently this photo was taken before the rescue in which he lost his life.)


Source of Photo:

On 14 May 2013, fire broke out in an apartment building in Tehran, the capital of Iran. Omid Abbasi and other Iranian firefighters arrived to fight the fire. Learning that a seven-year-old girl was trapped inside, Mr. Abbasi rushed into the building and found the girl. To keep her alive, he gave her his oxygen mask. He rescued the girl, but he suffered brain death due to lack of oxygen, although doctors in a hospital emergency room tried to save his life. After he died, his family donated his organs to three patients who needed transplants. His mother said, “He was kind and loved saving people.” The little girl attended Mr. Abbasi’s funeral and said, “He saved my life, and I am really thankful.” Reddit user D3VO_Lution commented, “I will never cease to be amazed by the sheer selflessness of some people in this world.”

For Further Information: “Omid Abbasi, Iranian Firefighter Who Died After Saving Young Girl, Saves 3 More Lives Through Organ Donation (VIDEO).” Huffington Post. 20 May 2013

For Further Information: Arash Khalatbari, “Iranian fireman donates his organs after dying saving a little girl.” Press TV. 19 May 2013

For Further Information: Photo of Mr. Abbasi and the Girl He Saved. Accessed 21 May 2013.


For Further Information: “Crowd see off devoted fireman – IN PHOTOS” Young Journalists Club — Iran. 19 May 2013

For Further Information: “Iranian firefighter saves lives, even after his death.” Payvand Iran News. 17 May 2013



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3 Responses to Omid Abbasi: Heroic Iranian Firefighter

  1. V.E.G. says:

    To God we belong, to God we return!

  2. neon says:

    I am so proud of him, rest in peace.

  3. Karen jeanes says:

    I wished I would have met such a beautiful man R.I.P my lovely angel xx

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