Beer Thief Confesses

In May 2013, Leo and Dee Samad of Villa Hills, Kentucky, received a confession from the person who had been stealing beer from their 12-foot bar in their backyard by the in-ground swimming pool. For several years, Leo and Dee had noticed that beer — and sometimes liquor — was missing from their bar. Dee found a note outside their sliding glass backdoor. Inside the note were seven $20 bills. The note was addressed “Dear Homeowner” and signed “Villa Hills Resident.” The one-paragraph apology included these sentences: “Enclosed is a sum of cash that my friends and I owe you and your family to repay you for all of the times we have stolen from your poolside fridge/bar over the past few years. I speak on their behalf.” The well-written and well-proofread note also stated, “I hope you will accept my most sincere apology for trespassing as well as feeling entitled to take what was not mine. The amount is a rough estimate, and I realize no amount will completely satisfy the anger you may have.” In addition, the note stated that the thief had come to “a newfound understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” Dee stated, “My husband said he [the thief] would be welcomed in our home anytime just because he’s man enough to stand up and do this.” She said that they would not call the police. She added, “People need to hear good things once in a while.”

For Further Information: Paul McKibben, “Villa Hills thief leaves note, cash for stolen alcohol.” 22 May 2013

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