“Everyone Worked to Stop These Two TGVs [French High-Speed Trains] for a Woman in Distress”

In May 2013, an elderly woman climbed abroad the wrong TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse — French high-speed train) in Paris and soon realized that she was going in the wrong direction. She had intended to go to the city of Reims, but she was headed toward the city of Nancy. Crying, she asked a passenger what she could do. The passenger contacted train employees, who then alerted the control room at Pagny-sur-Moselle, and arranged for the train to stop at Champagne-Ardenne and let the elderly woman off. From there she could take a train to Nancy. Two SNCF (Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français — French National Railways) workers helped the elderly woman change trains. A second passenger had offered to give the elderly woman a place to stay in the city of Nancy, but fortunately that was not needed. The first passenger — the one who had contacted train employees for the elderly woman — said, “People do not often speak of the SNCF in very good terms. But here, everyone worked to stop these two TGVs for a woman in distress.”

For Additional Information: “SNCF stops TGVs for lost woman.” The Connexion (France’s English-Language Newspaper). 10 May 2013


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