A “Kiss” from a Deer for a Good Deed

At the end of May 2013, West Virginia State Trooper Will Hash checked on a deer that was reported to be stuck in a fence on Johns Creek in Cabell County. Such things happen, and unless the deer releases itself or is released, it will die. The dispatcher had told him, “There is a deer stuck in the fence. Its back is injured, and you will probably have to put it down.” State Trooper Hash said that the deer had scratches down its back and that the deer seemed tame. He added, “The deer sniffs me and everything and I said, ‘This is crazy,’ and it started rubbing its antlers on my legs like it’s a tree.” After determining that the deer was clear of the fence and would survive, State Trooper Hash went back to his car and the deer followed him and gave him a “kiss.” State Trooper Hash said, “It was definitely a changing experience for me, probably one of the neatest things that has happened in my life.”

For Further Information: Travis Binks, “WV state trooper thanked by deer in Cabell County.” West Virginia MetroNews Network (Charleston, West Virginia). 31 May 2013


For Further Information: Amanda Barren, “‘En-deer-ing’ Moment Captured by W.Va. State Trooper.” WSAZ (Huntington, West Virginia). 31 May 2013


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