“That (Inflated) Medal will Serve as a Constant Reminder that the Power of Human Kindness can Make Another Person Feel Better than Any Individual Sporting Accomplishment”

On 5 May 2013, Tami Licht of Pleasant Hills, Pennsylvania, ran in her first marathon — actually, it was her first-ever race as well as her first marathon. She did not run the whole Pittsburgh Marathon; instead, she and some co-workers ran the legs of a relay marathon. A novice, Ms. Licht chose to run the shortest leg: 3.5 miles. She ran well, recording a personal-best time, and she was looking forward to getting a medal. (In the Pittsburgh Marathon relays, as each runner finishes a leg, the next member of the relay team hands the finishing runner a medal.) Unfortunately, the next member of the relay team told her, “They ran out.” In a letter to the editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Ms. Licht wrote, “Bummer. I really wanted that medal because this was such a big accomplishment for me personally. I’m a new runner and not exactly a spring chicken.” She hoped to find a race official who might be able to mail her a medal, and as she talked to an official, a couple of men overheard her. One of the men took off the medal that he was wearing and gave to her, saying, “Here, have mine. It will just end up in a drawer anyway.” Ms. Licht wrote, “I was just stunned. Folks were sporting (proudly) their medals all over town. I couldn’t believe anyone would just hand one over. What a hugely nice gesture.” In addition, she later discovered that the medal was for a half-marathon, not for a leg of a relay. Ms. Licht wrote, “I really want to thank that man for his spontaneous act of kindness. It really made my first foray into a marathon extra special. And that (inflated) medal will serve as a constant reminder that the power of human kindness can make another person feel better than any individual sporting accomplishment.”

For Additional Information: Tami Licht, “Random Acts of Kindness: Novice runner got her medal in a way she really treasures.” Letter to the Editor. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pennsylvania). 30 May 2013


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