A Smooch from Action Bronson

ACTIONSource of Photo: http://instagram.com/p/aY3BuAxrSD/

In June 2013 at a concert in England, American rapper Action Bronson lost his phone after performing in an audience of thousands. He asked the audience to try to find his phone, and Nathaniel Benjamin found it and gave it to him. Action Bronson gave him a reward. On Instagram, Riggdup posted a photo of Action Bronson kissing Mr. Benjamin’s head and explained, “Meet Nathaniel Benjamin. Young Bronson took it to the audience and lost his phone (the one with the important #’s and unreleased material) in a crowd of thousands. When he jumped on the mic and asked the crowd to help him find the phone, young Nathaniel — who drove 2hrs wearing a bootleg Action Bronson T shirt — raised his hand and saved the day. He was rewarded for his honesty with all access to event, a smooch and a couple pounds to have someone clean smooch off.”

For Further Information: Riggdup, “A #SaaabStory.” Instagram. 11 June 2013


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