Nick Ferrebee: Lifeguard and Superhero

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On 11 June 2013, Reddit user Royalbailey wrote about Nick, a lifeguard who saved Royalbailey’s little girl’s life. Royalbailey’s little girl almost drowned, and Nick gave her CPR. Royalbailey wrote about his little girl and Nick, “She says he’s a superhero. He is!!” The little girl was blue when Nick pulled her out of the water and started giving her CPR. Royalbailey wrote, “I think it’s pretty impressive for an 18 year old watching 15 kids in a pool to get that done.” Reddit is careful to preserve users’ privacy, as well as the privacy of people being written about on Reddit. However, the complete story with full names appeared in an article in The Columbus Packet, a local newspaper in Columbus, Mississippi. Royalbailey is Colin Krieger, publisher of The Columbus Packet, the little girl (the second born of three daughters) is three-year-old Katie, and the superhero lifeguard is Nick Ferrebee. In early June, the Kreiger family went swimming at the old country club, and Mr. Krieger saw his oldest daughter — six-year-old Allison — talking to the lifeguard, who asked her about Katie —who had given her floatie to someone else — and whether she could swim underwater. Allison then came running to her father, screaming about Katie. Meanwhile, the lifeguard — Nick — got Katie out of the pool. Mr. Krieger wrote, “Her eyes were rolled back in her head, her legs and face were blue, and she didn’t move an inch. Terror. There’s no other word to describe the moment. People who saw the whole thing said she wasn’t under for more than 30 seconds, but she had turned blue.” Nick started chest compressions with Mr. and Mrs. Krieger by him. Mr. Krieger wrote, “The official report says it was about a minute, but I’m going to go ahead and say it was a lifetime before my baby coughed for the first time. The lifeguard kept doing the compressions until she threw up on her own. He quickly sat her up and handed her to my wife, who enveloped both Katie and her hero at once.” Katie cried — because she wanted to go back into the water. Instead, she was taken to Baptist Memorial Hospital for observation and stayed there overnight. She is fine. Mr. Krieger wrote, “I ask that anyone who knows Nick or his family, please give them a hug and do whatever you can to help him.”

For Further information: Royalbailey, “This is Nick. He saved my little girl’s life last week. He is a superhero! (re-post from OP).” Reddit. 11 June 2013

For Further information: Royalbailey, “This is Nick. He saved my little girl’s life last week. She nearly drowned, he gave CPR. She says he’s a superhero. He is!!” Imgur. 11 June 2013

For Further information: Colin Krieger, “From the Publisher — Close to Home.” The Columbus Packet (Columbus, Mississippi). 6 June 2013

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