“Please Take Pity on Us!”

ImageSource of Photo: http://i.imgur.com/D1D4wNn.jpg

Redditor Spacemonkey9001 ran into some trouble in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Spacemonkey9001 got locked out of his or her car and left this note for the parking official: “Dear Parking Official: We have lost our key. We are trying to find it! Otherwise, we have to go and get another one out of town. Please take pity on us!” PCO (Parking Official) Jim Walton (#4978) read Spacemonkey9001’s note and left his own note: “Driver, I sincerely hope you find your key. Consideration granted for today. June 11th, 2013. Best of luck.” Redditor Smithd685 commented, “In Albany ny, my car battery was officially dead and i was just waiting to ask the parking cop not to give me a ticket. Instead of giving me a ticket, she called her mechanic boyfriend, got me a new battery, and didn’t charge me for it. F[**]king always buy her coffee when I see her around now.”

For Further Information: Spacemonkey9001. “Kindness on the way to work.” Redditt. Accessed 13 June 2013. 


For Further Information: Spacemonkey9001. Photo. Accessed 13 June 2013.


For Further Information: Smithd685, “Comment on ‘Kindness on the way to work.’” Reddit. Accessed 13 June 2013.


For Further Information: “ Comments on ‘Kindness on the way to work.’” Accessed 13 June 2013.


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