A Caring Mother


Source of Photo: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Oh-Dear-Silvia-Dawn-French/dp/0718156064

Mothers, even while dying, care about their children and want what is best for them. When Dawn French was writing her second novel, Oh Dear Silvia, in which people talk about a woman in a coma, her mother died. As her mother lay dying, Dawn was sitting by her bed. Her mother, who knew she was writing a book, said, “Come on, this is your research. Why aren’t you writing?” Dawn replied, “But you are dying.” Her mother then said, “Please use this time properly. Don’t sit there watching me die.” Dawn took out her notebook and started writing. Dawn believes, “I think my heart and soul went into the book as a result.”

For Further Information: Interview by Viv Groskop, “Dawn French: ‘I decided I’d pretend to be someone very confident.’” Guardian. 15 June 2013


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