Velma Miller: “A Shining Example of a Good Samaritan”

On 31 May 2013, the Danville Register & Bee (Danville, Virginia) published a letter to the editor by Louise Miller of Dry Fork, Virginia, who walks with difficulty and who came into Danville to get her electric bill put into her name because her husband had died. This was her first time going to the utility building and she was not sure how to get to the office she needed to get to. When she parked in what she thought was the correct spot, it started raining, and she sat in her car for half of an hour before getting out and trying to find the main office. She was unable to find an entrance into the building but did find a drive-through where people in cars paid their bills. She asked the female employee there how to get to the main office and found out that getting there required some effort. Ms. Miller wrote in her letter, “By this time I was wet, upset and crying. I walk with a cane. A lady in the drive-through rolled down her window and told me to come to her car and she would drive me around to the right place. She drove me to the office and said she would go in with me to be sure I got my business done. She had a precious 2-year-old girl in the back seat. She insisted she drive me back to my car. When I got home I found she had called several times to make sure I got home OK. I want to thank Velma Miller for her kindness. She is a shining example of a Good Samaritan.”

For Further Information: Louise Miller, “I found a true Good Samaritan.” Letter to the Editor. Danville Register & Bee (Danville, Virginia). 31 May 2013

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