“In that Hot Second, I Thought, ‘Yeah, I Could Use This, But No, I Need to Give it Back’”

Nik Koyama lost a wallet containing $4,000 in cash while rushing to get to his graduation ceremony at Righetti High School in Santa Maria, California; fortunately, Mark Huerth of Orcutt, California, found it and made sure it was returned to him. Mr. Koyama said, “I was just in graduation about to walk onto the stage when I got a call from my bank and they told me that someone found your wallet.” He had placed his wallet and cell phone on top of his car and then drove away. Mr. Huerth said, “I saw a black BMW go by with something black on the roof.” He decided to follow the car and let the driver know that something was on the roof of his car. Unfortunately, he could not catch up to the driver. Fortunately, he saw something black lying on the ground: It was a wallet filled with money. Mr. Huerth said, “So I counted it, $4,000, took it over to the County Sheriff’s and turned it in.” He said he had a good reason for turning in the money: “February I had two heart attacks, and with God taking care of me that way, I figured it was a little payback, I just need to pay it back. Like I said, in that hot second, I thought, ‘Yeah, I could use this, but no, I need to give it back.’” Mr. Koyama said that he had earned the $4,000 to buy a new car after graduation. Mr. Huerth said, “I’m glad he responded, just to say thank you and that’s all I needed back. Frankly, I hope he does it for somebody else or somebody watching this does it for somebody, anything, we live in a world with all this crazy stuff going on [and] you might as well do something nice.” Mr. Koyama said about Mr. Huerth, “At first it’s pretty simple: ‘Oh, it’s a good guy,’ but then the more it sinks in, this guy returned $4,000, and that’s just kind of hard to grasp for a kid like me.”

For Further Information: Keith Carls, “Orcutt Good Samaritan Returns Wallet With $4,000 in Cash.” KCOY (Santa Maria, California). 17 June 2013


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