“Hope This Makes Up for the Skipped Out Bill!!”


Source of Photo: http://i.imgur.com/y6aAq23.jpg?1

In June 2013, Redditor coldxshivers wrote about a good deed that a friend did when a couple of high-school students skipped out on their bill at a local Denny’s. The friend noticed the students’ server starting to cry as she looked for the money that the students did not leave behind, so the friend left a $19.71 tip and this note: “Hope this makes up for the skipped out bill!! Cheer up [happy face].”

For Further Information: coldxshivers, “A friend of mine as at a local Denny’s and watched her server tear up and search frantically for the money from two high schoolers’ bill…they left without paying. Even though it took forever for their food to get there, she decided to leave enough on the tip to cover both bills and then some.” Reddit. June 2013


For Further Information: coldxshivers, Photo. Imgur.

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