A Note from Fletcher’s Dad

Fletcher’s Dad is awesome. Fletcher is a kid who is excited about going trick-or-treating on Halloween, but he has a medical condition that does not allow him to eat candy. Therefore, Fletcher’s Dad gave neighbors this note (and a small toy):

“Dear Neighbour,

“I live in Discovery Ridge. My son Fletcher is 8 years old and will be dressed as an Angry Bird for Halloween (a character from the video game). Fletcher has a very severe form of Epilepsy. In order to treat his Epilepsy and prevent more seizures, Fletcher must maintain a medical diet called the Ketogenic Diet. The diet is very strict and excludes many foods, including every type of candy.

“Obviously, Halloween would be a very difficult time for him as all of his friends are trick or treating and getting all sorts of candy. He is very excited and simply can’t wait for Halloween to arrive. We want Fletcher to participate in as many events as he can. Therefore, we have purchased a number of small toys to give to Fletcher on Halloween instead of candy. One of these toys is attached to this letter. We are asking that when Fletcher comes to your door on Halloween evening, instead of giving him candy, please give him this small gift (he will be with me and he will introduce himself as ‘Fletcher’).

“Thank you so much for helping us make Halloween a very special day for Fletcher.”

Source: “A Note from Fletcher’s Dad.” Fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.akamaihd.net. Accessed 27 June 2013. (Thanks for the head’s-up from Redditor Spankywzl.)


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1 Response to A Note from Fletcher’s Dad

  1. Dylan says:

    I wanna give fletcher a hug and thank his dad

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