“I Wish I Could Find that Grouchy Old Fart and Tell Him”

On 10 May 2013, Ashli Maris of Imperial, Nebraska, was standing in line at the Walmart in McCook, Nebraska, when an elderly woman discovered that she had forgotten her billfold and did not have enough money to pay for all of her items. Still in her cart after she ran out of money were a package of flour tortillas, French bread, carrots, and Kleenex. Ms. Maris said, “The guy in front of me got all grumbly and impatient. People are so impatient in this world anymore.”
Ms. Maris offered to pay for the elderly woman’s remaining items, which cost $6.11, and the elderly woman accepted the kind offer; she also asked Ms. Maris her name and where she lived. Ms.
Maris said, “We’re always getting, getting, getting, and it doesn’t feel as good as giving.” However, the impatient man told her, “Who forgets their wallet? She just used you.”
In June 2013, Ms. Maris received a thank-you note and $10 in the mail from the elderly woman, who thanked Ms. Maris for her “time, trouble and most of all your kindness” in helping her pay for her groceries. Ms. Maris said, “It was such an interesting experience. It made my day when I did it for her. I didn’t want to be paid back by any means.” 
She added, “I wish I could find that grouchy old fart and tell him” the rest of the story.

For Further Information: Carolyn Lee, “Good deed goes noticed.” The Imperial Republican (Imperial, Nebraska). 26 June 2013


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