Lovely Stacey


Source of Photo:

On 28 June 2013, Redditor Skagirl, aka Stacey, posted a photograph on Imgur of something that had made her start her workday with a smile. Skagirl had gone into a Starbucks to buy her morning iced coffee, and a female employee who worked there remembered her name and wrote on the beverage container “lovely Stacey.”

For Further Information: Skagirl, “the girl at starbucks finally remembered my name. it wasn’t until i was at work and on the phone that i noticed what she wrote. she has no idea her sweet words started my work day with a smile! i love random acts of kindness.” Reddit. 28 June 2013 <>.

For Further Information: Skagirl, Photo. Imgur. <>. Accessed 30 June 2013.

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