“I Just Saw This Beautiful Child on the Ground, His Eyes were Wide Open, His Lips were Turning a Little Blue. I Put My Hand on His Chest, and I Didn’t Feel Anything”

In May 2013, Ian McGreevy, age eight, was playing in a Little League baseball game in Highland Memorial Park in Harrington Park, New Jersey. He collapsed after a baseball hit him in the chest as he was attempting to steal third base. Maureen Renaghan, age 40, who was watching her own son — a different boy — play in the game, ran to assist him. She said, “I just saw this beautiful child on the ground, his eyes were wide open, his lips were turning a little blue. I put my hand on his chest, and I didn’t feel anything.” She began performing CPR on him, and he regained consciousness, turned over, and vomited. Ian was fully conscious when paramedics arrived, and he was airlifted to Hackensack (New Jersey) University Medical Center. Police Chief Albert Maalouf said, “You hear people talk about heroics, and I try not to overuse that word, but in this case, I think it applies. For her to act fast, while others were in shock, she made a quick assessment and potentially saved this child’s life.” Ian fully recovered from what medical personnel described as being like “a serious bruise on the heart muscle.” Ms. Renaghan, who had learned CPR about 20 years previously, said, “I was just so glad I could help.” Ian’s mother, Lisa McGreevy, said about him, “He’s jumping around like a jelly bean.” She said about Ms. Renaghan, “I’m forever in her debt. I thank God she was there because I don’t know what would’ve happened if she wasn’t.”

For Further Information: “Woman Revives Boy, 8, Hit in Chest by Baseball During NJ Game.” NBC New York. 13 May 2013


For Further Information: Zach Patburg, “Northvale boy struck in chest with baseball is ‘doing great,’ mom says.” Northjersey.com. 12 May 2013; updated 13 May 2013


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