Burger and Fries: $10,000 (Includes a Large Tip)


Source of Photo: http://tinyurl.com/l2m2xan

In June 2013, Bob Erb stopped to eat at Cliff Luther’s restaurant, the Old West Express, in Chamberlain, Saskatchewan, Canada, and the two men struck up a conversation that resulted in Mr. Erb voluntarily paying $10,000 for a burger and fries. Why the large tip? Mr. Luther’s daughter is fighting cancer. Mr. Erb said that Mr. Luther was “so overwhelmed, so befuddled by it that I ended up having to flip my own burger because he was real emotional.” Mr. Erb is an advocate for the legalization of marijuana, and the two men talked about that. Mr. Luther said, “He was telling me how he thinks legalizing marijuana is the way to go, you know, which was interesting. One thing came to another, and he’s from B.C. [British Columbia] and I was telling him how my 25-year-old daughter is out there right now and has just been diagnosed with cancer.” Mr. Erb, whose 26-year-old son died four-and-a-half years ago, said, “He was emotional about it, just as any parent would be in that kind of situation.” Mr. Erb said that he was impressed by Mr. Luther’s “open-mindedness, and how he was just looking to talk and to learn about things from another perspective.” Following that conversation, a few days later, Mr. Erb ate again at the restaurant. Mr. Luther said, “He asked for a pen and said, ‘Here, you can just take the bill out of that.’ It was a cheque for $10,000. He just kind of said, ‘If you need to get out there quickly, this will help you.’” Mr. Erb has money: He won a $25-million lottery jackpot in November 2012. Mr. Luther said about the $10,000 check, “It certainly lightens the load for us. You kind of think, ‘Why would someone do that for somebody they don’t even know?’ It’s really lifted my spirits. There are just some really caring people out there.”

For Further Information: Emma Graney, “$10,000 tip overwhelms restaurant owner.” Montreal Gazette (Quebec, Canada). 28 June 2013


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