The Chalkboard Car



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The son of Redditor Bobitis got his first car, and he wanted it to be special, so for $45 of Rustoleum Chalkboard paint, rollers, and a brush, and chalk, he turned it into a traveling chalkboard. The son is Philip Romano, age 20, an artist from Armonk, New York. The license plates of the car — a 2004 Hyundai Elantra — say, “DRAWONME.” He parks it in various places and invites people to draw on it. Mr. Romano, who wants to be a graphic artist, said that no one ever steals the chalk and that someone always writes, “Thank you,” on his car.

For Further Information: Bobitis, “My son decided his first car was going to be a traveling chalkboard, so for $45 of materials he created a smile machine!” Imgur. 7 July 2013

For Further Information: Bobitis, “Chalkboard Car in NYC offers free smiles.” Reddit. 7 July 2013

For Further Information: Joel Waldman, “Artist invites public to draw on his car.” Fox (New York). 5 July 2013

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