“Because of Your Positive Attitude and Example, Jonny Never Gives Up. Thank You, John Cena. You are One of Jonny’s Special Stars”


Source of Photo: http://www.wwe.com/inside/overtheropes/wweinyourcorner/john-cena-300th-wish-photos

John Cena is a champion and superstar of the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). He is also a champion of the Make-a-Wish Foundation, which grants the wishes of seriously ill children. In June 2013 Mr. Cena granted his 300th wish made by Make-a-Wish children. He said, “I thank Make-A Wish for making me such a part of the charity. It’s an honor to be requested that many times!” For the 300th wish, Mr. Cena met Jonathan Littman, age seven, who lives in Hop Bottom, Pennsylvania. He also met Jonathan’s parents: Charlie and Ruth. Jonathan said, “It was awesome!” The two met again when Jonathan appeared on the TV show Good Morning America. In addition, on 23 July 2013, Jonathan was Mr. Cena’s special guest for the 1,000th episode of WWE’s TV show Monday Night Raw. Jonathan presented Cena with a handmade gift. It was a star with this note on the back from his parents: “Because of your positive attitude and example, Jonny never gives up. Thank you, John Cena. You are one of Jonny’s special stars.” Many children’s wishes concern the WWE, which in over 25 years has granted nearly 4,000 Make-A-Wish wishes. Mr. Cena said, “That’s what’s special about what we do here in WWE. We offer excitement; we offer entertainment. We offer a positive atmosphere. To an everyday member of the WWE Universe, that is special when you’re a kid or a family that’s up against it. You can’t underestimate the power of positive thinking. It’s something as simple as that that maybe could get someone through a day.” Redditor Wrestlingisgood  commented on the article about Mr. Cena, “He legitimately cares about those kids. I was at Raw about a year ago, there was a kid there in a wheelchair in the crowd [and] you could tell that he didn’t just break his leg. He was sitting pretty close and John Cena threw his shirt, his hat, and I think his wristband things to this kid, everyone could tell it was for him and when someone near him caught it, Cena would look at them and motion to pass it to the kid. Everyone did. It was really awesome.”

For Further Information: Kara A. Medalis, “John Cena grants his 300th wish with Make-A-Wish.” WWE.com. 20 June 2013 http://www.wwe.com/inside/overtheropes/wweinyourcorner/john-cena-300th-wish

For Further Information: “Photos: John Cena grants his 300th wish with Make-A-Wish.” WWE.com. 20 June 2013


For Further Information: Wrestlingisgood, Comment on “John Cena was recently given an award for completing his 300th Make-A-Wish visit. With each visit, he extends the all-time record..and he has no signs of stopping.” Reddit. 7 July 2013


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