Random Act of Kindness Kevin


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Someone on Imgur was going to be kicked out of his home because he was $27 short on his rent, so fellow Imgurian Nobodyn0se, aka Kevin, sent him $30 through PayPal and then posted a picture using the meme Good Guy Greg that stated, “HELPED A FELLOW IMGURIAN WITH RENT” and “KEEPS TELLING OTHERS THAT IT WAS ONLY $30, NOT A KIDNEY.” Another Imgurian, Candievenom, posted a parody of the original plea for help that stated, “I’m about to be out on the street because” and “I’m 1 million dollars short on my rent.” Imgurian SlothOverloaded then wrote a comment that was a parody of Nobodn0se’s original comment: “What’s your paypal? I’ll send yoHEY WAIT A MINUTE!” By the way, after his good deed went went viral, Nobodyn0se wrote, “HOLY CRAP PEOPLE! I went to bed with 29k reputation and woke up with 54k!!!! This is kind of overwhelming….”


Unfortunately, in early August 2013, Imgurian Nobodyn0se  discovered that the whole thing was a rip-off. He learned that someone has several email addresses and that person posts various appeals for financial help. Imgurians respond, and their money goes into one PayPal account. Imgurian Nobodyn0se thought that he was doing a good deed; unfortunately, someone was apparently taking advantage of him. Nobodyn0se wrote, “I want to apologize to you, Imgur. I promise you that I did not know this was a scam at the time. I honestly thought I was helping a fellow Imgurian. I was taken advantage of just as much as you were. I don’t want anyone to feel like they gave me upvotes or messages of support under false pretenses, and I want you to know that if you remove your upvotes from my account (or even downvote me) I will not complain or hold any ill will towards you.”

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Source of Screenshot: http://imgur.com/gallery/hBBhb5L

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