“The Last Thing You Want to Do [If You are a Crook] is Run Straight into Superman”


Source of Photo of Luke Superman Junior: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/10159470/Superman-fan-catches-shoplifter-while-dressed-as-superhero.html

On 22 June 2013, Superman arrested an alleged shoplifter who was fleeing from a store. Superman, in this case, is also known as Luke Junior, age 24, who was wearing a £500 Man of Steel Superman costume imported from Argentina while he helped out at the charity fundraising event known as Gleadless Valley Community Action Group day in Sheffield, South Yorks, England. Mr. Junior, who works as a security guard at a shopping centre, said, “The last thing you want to do [if you are a crook] is run straight into Superman. He was going nowhere but the police station. He tried to run away from the manager, so I grabbed him again and he was kicking off. Then I ended up physically restraining him against the window. The two policewomen were very professional. They didn’t even crack a smile, but I can imagine they might have done when they got to the police station later that night. But everyone else was cheering and clapping. Then the Superman music came on. [The crowd applauded him as the event’s PA system played the Superman theme.] I went back to the children and, as Superman would, I told them to always stay on the right side of the law.” Mr. Junior’s nickname really is Superman; he earned the nickname at age 16 or 17 after seeing a car accident: “I ended up dragging two boy racers out of their car when they smashed into my friend’s car.” He hopes to become a firefighter: “I’m waiting until the fire service can recruit again and then I want to save people.” He added, “When I was younger, I always said I wanted to be some sort of Superman and the things I’m doing at the moment, it’s like I already am.” Karen Bayliss, assistant manager at Heron Foods, where the alleged shoplifting took place, said, “We’d been watching the customer. A sales assistant and the manager confronted him outside. They needed some help and Superman came along.”

For Further Information: Rosa Silverman and Agencies, “Superman fan catches shoplifter while dressed as superhero.” Telegraph (UK). 4 July 2013


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