Nearly $70,000 Lost, Found, and Returned


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 Good and honest taxi and bus drivers live in Singapore, Malaysia. In June 2013, three ComfortDelGro drivers found and returned nearly $70,000 in total in their vehicles. On 27 June 2013, Seng Kiah Chen, age 55, saw what looked like an old envelope between the seat and the rear door of his taxi — what was inside the envelope was special: $45,000 in thousand-dollar bills. He said, “I hadn’t seen so much money before. My heart was beating very fast.” A customer named Mr. Cheah had lost it. Mr. Chen turned in the money to Comfort’s lost and found department, which contacted Mr. Cheah. Mr. Chen said, “He kept thanking me. He said he wanted to use the money to pay his workers’ salary, and that his hands were shaking when he called the lost and found [department] as it wasn’t his own money. I told him he was very lucky that the earlier passenger did not see the money and take it.” SBS Transit bus driver Lee Choy Yoong, also age 55, found a plastic bag when she checked her bus; the plastic bag contained over $18,000 in bank notes. Valaiyapathi Doraimahalingam, age 50, was driving the service 74 bus when he discovered a black backpack that had been left behind by a passenger; the backpack contained a passport from China and a wallet containing $5,350. ComfortDelGro spokesperson Tammy Tan said that all three drivers had “upheld the group’s key values of honesty and integrity, despite what may have proven to be a huge temptation to some.” She added, “They have done us proud.” In 2012, Comfort taxi driver Sia Ka Tian found and returned $1.1 million to a Thai couple holidaying in Malaysia.

For Additional Information: Royston Sim, “$70,000 found and returned.” The Straits Times (Malaysia). 9 July 2013

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