“Please Draw Something Uplifting on the Container; I Just Got Dumped”


Source of Photograph: http://imgur.com/SPntMGF

When Redditor Icanteven721 ordered take-out food online from Truly Vegan in Los Angeles, California, she requested, “Please draw something uplifting on the container; I just got dumped.” A staff member at Truly Vegan drew on the take-out container a girl holding a sign that said, “You’re worth it!” The staff member also drew a picture of the Sun and wrote this note: “You don’t need HIM to be happy.” Icanteven721, whose name is Sam, told the Huffington Post by email, “I was very, very pleased with the result. I’ve kept the container. I look at it when I feel particularly down about this relationship, or when some other dude does some other stupid dude thing.”

For Further Information: “Breakup Advice: Restaurant Leaves Inspiring Message On Takeout Box After Customer Is Dumped (PHOTO).” Huffington Post. 10 July 2013


For Further Information: Icanteven721, “I ordered food online, and under special instructions I put ‘please draw something uplifting on the container, I just got dumped.’ The result exceeded my expectations.” Imgur. 6 July 2013


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