“It is an Honor to Capture the Love Stories of All Couples in Love”




Source of Photographs: http://stephgrantphotography.com/blog/shannon-seema-indian-lesbian-wedding-los-angeles-ca/

On 9 July 2013, Steph Grant posted a note on her blog about photographing her first Indian lesbian wedding. Of course, she included many, many photographs of the happy couple. Shannon and Seema are the happy couple, and they were married in June 2013 at the SmogShoppe in Los Angeles, California. Ms. Grant emailed the Huffington Post, which published an article about the wedding and her photographs, “It is an honor to capture the love stories of all couples in love. It is important for couples to feel proud when they find love and to be embraced by not only their family and friends but by their photographer as well. My technique is the same at all weddings. I pay very close attention to detail in my everyday life so that helps when capturing little moments that others may overlook. I do however believe that by me investing time and energy into my couples before the wedding on top of knowing what I would want captured at my own wedding helps me get the image that I ultimately want.” She ended her blog post by writing, “WOW. My heart! There was so much love that consumed the SmogShoppe that evening. Friends and family came pouring in with smiles, hugs and tears … these two are clearly loved and in love. I am writing this blog a month after the wedding and I am proud to say that so much progress has been made in our country with the Supreme Court striking down DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) and Prop 8 in California! Love wins. ALWAYS. Congrats Shannon & Seema. Love you guys!”

For Further Information: Steph Grant, “SHANNON + SEEMA | INDIAN LESBIAN WEDDING | LOS ANGELES, CA.” Steph Grant Photography. 9 July 2013


For Further Information: Christopher Rudolph. “Steph Grant, Photographer, Shares Gorgeous Lesbian Indian Wedding Pictures (PHOTOS).” Huffington Post. 20 July 2013


For Further Information: Steph Grant Photography. Accessed 21 July 2013.


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