“Momma, I Just Pulled Her Out of the Water”


Source of Screenshot of Austin and Kelly Beach: http://www.wdam.com/story/22905151/hattiesburg-boy-saves-drowning-girl

Austin Beach, age 10, of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and his family were vacationing in Destin, Florida, when a four-year-old girl from Atlanta, Georgia, jumped into a hotel swimming pool. She struggled to keep her head about water and then began sinking to the bottom of the five-and-a-half-foot pool. That is when Austin noticed her. Austin said, “I didn’t want her to drown. I knew she was drowning.” He got the girl to the side of the pool and called for help. A woman gave the girl CPR. Austin’s mother, Kelly Beach, did not witness the rescue. She said, “I was on the side of the pool helping my daughter with her goggles, and I turned around, and I said, ‘Austin, look! That lady’s picking up a little girl — she’s blue. I think she drowned!’ And Austin said, ‘Momma, I just pulled her out of the water.’ I had not noticed that this whole thing had even happened.” Paramedics arrived, and the girl was airlifted to a children’s hospital. She is in stable condition. Kelly said, “I was not surprised that Austin would do something like that.  From the day he started talking, you could tell he had a heart in everything he said.”

For Further Information: Margaret Ann Morgan, “Hattiesburg boy saves drowning girl.” WDAM (Laurel, Mississippi). 22 July 2013


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