“He Surprised Me, and I was Happy to be Surprised”

On 21 July 2013, a 50-year-old homeless man in Kingston, New York, who asked that his name not be used, found a wallet containing $485 on the sidewalk and turned it in to police, who returned it to its rightful owner. He said, “It was the right thing to do.” Detective Lieutenant Thierry Croizer said, “He surprised me, and I was happy to be surprised.” The homeless man said, “I looked at the wallet and I seen money. I didn’t bother to count it. It wasn’t mine. I didn’t want it.” Detective Lieutenant Croizer wrote about the story on Facebook: “I felt the story deserved a little publicity because it just goes to show that you can’t judge people by their everyday circumstances or by their appearance.”

For Further Information: Pauline Liu, “Homeless man in Kingston turns in wallet with $485.” Times Herald-Record (Middletown, New York). 24 July 2013


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