“I was Thinking that I was Just Doing What Everybody Else Would Do, But There were Cars Just Going Past Us and No One Else was Stopping, So I Don’t Know if That is What Would Happen or Not”


Source of Photograph: http://tinyurl.com/mv35gq9


Source of Photograph of Tig Willard: http://tinyurl.com/mjyhaud

On 23 July 2013, Tennessee Titans rookie Jonathan “Tig” Willard, who graduated from Clemson University, saw a car on fire on I-40 in Tennessee as he was driving to Nashville. He said, “I saw this car in front of me, and it had all kinds of black smoke coming out of it. I tried to speed up and get up next to the car to let them know the car was on fire.” He honked his horn to get the attention of the driver, who pulled over. Mr. Willard said, “When she pulled over, the car was really on fire at that point. The driver, she acted like she was in some kind of daze or something. She told me that she didn’t stop because she didn’t think it was her car that was on fire. Another guy stopped, and we managed to get the [three] kids and the dog out and get them to safety, and then I finally got the woman out.” They also got the woman’s purse and some bags out before the car fully caught on fire. Mr. Willard waited until firefighters arrived, and then he left. He said, “I was thinking that I was just doing what everybody else would do, but there were cars just going past us and no one else was stopping, so I don’t know if that is what would happen or not.” Titans coach Mike Munchak said, “We’re proud that he got involved. He saw something, reacted in a positive way and brought good to a tough situation.”

For Further Information: “Jonathan Willard saves a family.” ESPN. 24 July 2013


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