One Large Coffee, One Large Double Double, One Boston Cream Donut, and 500 More Large Coffees, Please



Source of Photographs: CBC News

On 2 July 2013, a mystery man walked into the downtown coffee-and-donuts chain restaurant Tim Hortons at Jasper Avenue and 101 Street in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and ordered a large coffee, a double double, and a Boston cream donut. Then he asked a clerk how many large coffees were sold there in a typical day. The clerk replied, “A lot.” The man asked, “Do you sell 500?” The clerk replied, “We sell even more than that.” The man then ordered and paid for 500 large coffees to be given to the next 500 customers who ordered a large coffee. The tab: $895.28. Manager Joanne Averion said, “The supervisor asked [him], ‘Why?’ He didn’t say anything; he just did it for no reason.” Perhaps he did it to make customers smile; if so, he got what he paid for. Customers got free large coffees and smiled until approximately 8:30 a.m. the following day. In a comment on the article in the Metro News, ManBearPig wrote, “Man, this guy is awesome! I hope he gets to ride a unicorn one day … he deserves it.” Other people also bought multiple free coffees for Tim Hortons customers. On 25 July 2013, a woman whose father is a patient in Edmonton’s Royal Alexandra Hospital bought 800 cups of coffee to be given away. Monica Kavanaugh said, “It’s a way to give back. They’ve [hospital staff have] helped my father a lot, and I just feel, why not give a little back to the hospital?” Earlier, at the same Tim Hortons in the hospital (this is not the downtown Tim Hortons written about earlier), a man bought 500 cups of coffee to be given away. Hundreds of cups of Tim Hortons coffee were also purchased at the Crowfoot Tim Hortons in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and at a Tim Hortons in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. Are these purchases a publicity stunt for Tim Hortons? Tim Hortons spokeswoman Michelle Robichaud said, “Absolutely not. We’re just as surprised and thrilled as our guests have been by these incredible random acts of kindness … our only role is really in pouring the cups of coffee.”

For Further Information: Annalise Kingbell, “Mystery man visits Edmonton Tim Hortons, pays $895 to buy coffee for 500 strangers.” Metro News (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada). 23 July 2013; updated 25 July 2013

For Further Information: “Free coffee trend strikes twice in one day at Edmonton Tim Hortons.” CBC News. 25 July 2013

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