“My Knees were Actually Shaking Once I Realized Exactly How Much It Was”

Jennifer shaw

Source of Screenshot: http://tinyurl.com/opa98sw

In July 2013, Jennifer Shaw, a waitress at Mercer’s Steak and Seafood on Wilmington Island, Georgia, found an envelope filled with $5,000. She returned it to its rightful owner, who gave her a $100 reward. Ms. Shaw said, “It was definitely shocking. It was mostly one hundred dollar bills, but there was one hundred that was broken up out of it.” She found the envelope when she went to clean a table where a group of men been sitting. She said, “I mean you don’t really know what to think at the moment. My knees were actually shaking once I realized exactly how much it was. I immediately did not keep it out in the open. I put it in my apron and continued on to my other table that I was taking care of.” Ms. Shaw returned the envelope to its rightful owner. She said, “I could tell that this was not just money that they did not need. This wasn’t just five dollars to them. This was like $5,000 that it would be to me.” Mark Egan, the owner of Mercer’s, said, “Very rarely do people lose things in a restaurant facility like this, but when it happens it makes you feel wonderful that our staff are trustworthy.”

For Further Information: Alyssa Hyman, “Waitress finds $5K, returns money to the customer.” WTOC (Savannah, Georgia). 24 July 2013; updated 25 July 2013


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