“Reddit, What’s Something You Did that You Want to Brag About But Never Had the Chance to Without Sounding Pretentious?”

In July 2013, Redditor Rush16 asked, “Reddit, what’s something you did that you want to brag about but never had the chance to without sounding pretentious?” Here are some impressive replies: 1) mvsuit wrote, “I hired a guy knowing his wife was dying of cancer within a few months and when that would happen he would need to be out for a while. He has two kids. When his wife died, he wanted to take a month off and I said no problem. He didn’t have much vacation time earned by then. I asked HR if I could transfer some of my vacation time to his account so he could take the whole month off with pay and they said yes. I don’t think he knows how I pulled it off; I just told him not to worry about it so he could focus on taking care of his family.” 2) Solsometimes wrote, “I was on holiday in Banjul, Gambia, and at the hotel there was this one barman who served well enough but didn’t do the whole simpering ‘Yes Sir, No Mam’ thing that makes me cringe and at the odd times seemed quite surly which I liked in a way. Late one night at the bar (just the two of us there), I asked him what the deal was, what his aspirations were, etc. Anyway, turns out he has grad top of his class, aced the math prize etc. but due to his family having no connections he couldn’t get a job he wanted with the Civil Service (as he wanted), without a further qualification which he couldn’t afford (£40 a month is what he earned). Anyway that got me thinking and when I got home I got in touch with CIMA and asked about approved colleges/programs in Gambia. So over the next 4 years I paid his tuition, books and exam fees and he is now fully qualified and supporting an extended family of over 10. Never gave the guy a cent in cash but paid it all to either CIMA or College and is probably the best thing I’ve done for a stranger in my life.” 3) HatesSquatsLovesOats wrote, “I carry water bottles and granola bars in my car to hand out to homeless people I see. Whenever people ask, I’m always embarrassed to bring it up. Makes me feel like a tool talking about it.” 4) nalenthi wrote, “I’m 15, I don’t have a lot of money, I don’t get an allowance because my family can’t afford it. Any spending money I get is 4-5 pounds a week from drawing commissions. I saved it up for two months and bought my mother a new blender to replace the one that broke, because I knew she was having a lot of trouble in the kitchen because of it. It wasn’t much but it was money I earned myself and I’m very proud of it.” 5) Jellowizard wrote, “I protected a young girl from getting jumped or whatever at a bus stop. The guy had a head on me and probably about 50 kgs, was drunk, possibly drugged up and had just been released from an overnight lock up. He was being really dodgey and kept trying to chat her up, and when his advances failed became violent. He threw a drunken punch at me and I beat the shit out of him and got him thrown in prison because apparently he had jumped 2 other people the same day. But I can’t really bring it up because I think it just sounds like ‘I fought this guy, and smashed his face LOL.’”

Source: Rush16, “Reddit, what’s something you did that you want to brag about but never had the chance to without sounding pretentious?” Reddit. 28 July 2013


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