“Your Baby is Outside, and She’s About to Fall Off of the Roof”



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On 26 July 2013 in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, New York, an 18-month-old girl crawled through an opening for an air conditioner and got onto a second-floor awning. Qing Chen, who rescued the girl, said, “I don’t feel like [a] hero or anything like that. Anybody would step in like that.” Mr. Chen was working at Pure Health Pharmacy across the street when he saw the baby girl and then ran across the street. He said, “She was crawling back and forth and to the edge she was about to fall off. And that’s when we yelled at her and [she] crawled back to where the letter ‘O’ [in COMPUTER] was and she sat there. We screamed at her [and] said, ‘Don’t move,’ and [she] started crying and she just sat there.” Some other Good Samaritans put up a ladder, but it was not tall enough to reach the girl. Amy Vaccaro, a witness, said, “I was shaking. I started screaming, and the baby was crying and screaming, everybody was like ‘Oh, my god!’” She added, “My boss actually got on top […] and he put his hand up just in case the baby rolled over he would catch her.” Mr. Chen found the girl’s mother cooking in the apartment: “I said, ‘Where’s your baby?’ She was in shock. And I was like, ‘Your baby is outside, and she’s about to fall off of the roof.’” He went out onto the awning and got the baby girl. He said, “When I grabbed her, I almost came to tears because I have a baby that big and that old.”

For Further Information: Carolina Leid, “Toddler rescued after falling from Brooklyn window.” WABC (NewYork City). 27 July 2013


For Further Informatio: Jeremy Tanner, “Baby tumbles from window onto store awning in Bensonhurst.” 26 July 2013


For Further Informatio: “What’s She Doing Up There? Quick Thinking New Yorker Saves Baby From Brooklyn Awning.” CBS New York. 26 July 2013


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