A Generous Mother

A community center in Quebec, Canada, has day camps in which children’s parents have to pay in advance if they want their children to be able to participate in special activities outside of the city. In the summer of 2013, a secretary at the community center received a telephone call from a mother who said, “My daughter was registered for the activity that will be Friday on next week. I have already paid, but she won’t be able to go because we’re on vacation that week. I would like you to transfer her reservation to another child, please.” The secretary offered to refund the money, but the mother said, “No, no! […] I know it’s a bit complicated, but I would like you to transfer the reservation to another child that would like to go there, but doesn’t have the money for it.” Of course, this pleased the secretary, who asked for contact information, apparently to tell the mother which child would now be able to participate in the activity, but the mother said, “Oh! I don’t need you to call me back; just to know another kid will be happy makes me happy! But my daughter’s name is [name], so you can remove the activity in her file. Thank you very much for doing this!”

For Further Information: “Paying It Forward.” Not Always Right. Accessed 2 August 2013.


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