“Thanks for saying hi. Hope u enjoyed the show”


Source of Photograph: http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/justin-bieber/images/31445651/title/justin-bieber-2012-photo 

On 7 July 2013, Justin Bieber helped out three ticketless girls by giving them tickets for his concert at the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa. They were waiting for his tour bus, hoping to be able to see him. One fan, who uses the tag name @AhoyBieber, wrote on Twitter, “Justin came outside and talked to me and two other girls! He asked if we had tickets and we said no so he got us tickets … This morning I had no tickets for the show and no way to get to the arena to see Justin. I walked almost 5 miles … Because I wanted to see Justin that badly. I waited out all day and I was about ready to go back to my hotel when Justin came outside. He talked to us, gave us his food and got us tickets! If you are determined and never give up, anything can happen!” One of the other two girls, who uses the tag name @ashtonourry, wrote on Twitter, “Tonight started out horrible I got kicked out of the M&G (meet and greet) … and lost my tickets then all this happens. Justin gave us tickets. Thank you so much for the tickets I love you so much … We just waited (outside) and he came out after his meet an[d] greets … it was after the opening acts were playing, like an hour into the show.” Mr. Bieber later sent a Twitter message to the three girls: “Hey … Thanks for saying hi. Hope u enjoyed the show … Thanks for believing.”

For Further Information: “Justin Bieber surprises fans with show tickets.” KERO-TV (Bakersfield, California). 9 July 2013


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