“When I Smell His Jacket, It’s Kangaroo — Bush and Kangaroo”


Source of Screenshot: http://au.news.yahoo.com/a/-/newshome/18367974/boy-missing-in-bush-says-kangaroo-saved-him/

On 3 August 2013, Simon Kruger, age 7, wandered away from his family in the Deep Creek Conservation Park on South Australia’s Fleurieu Peninsula. He spent a cold night in the Australian bush. Fortunately, a kangaroo kept him warm that night, and he was rescued the following day. Simon’s father, Etienne, said, “He was playing outside, picking up sticks and he saw a wallaby walk by and he followed it into the bush.” Simon said that he picked flowers as a gift for his mother. His father said, “A kangaroo came closer to him and ate the flowers from him, and the kangaroo fell asleep next to him. I think God sent a kangaroo to keep him warm.” Simon’s mother, Linda, said, “I think it was a miracle, when I smell his jacket, it’s kangaroo — bush and kangaroo.” The night that Simon was lost, rescuers searched for him and used parachute flares. Simon said, “I saw the helicopters, but they couldn’t see me.” When rescuers found him, they winched him to safety. His father said, “Hopefully he’ll refer to it as an adventure, so we’ll keep it at that, a bit of a jungle book story.”

For Further information: Roscoe Whalan, “BOY MISSING IN BUSH SAYS KANGAROO SAVED HIM.” 7News Adelaide (Australia). Yahoo!7. 5 August 2013


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