“It was Awesome. I Had a Big Stupid Grin on My Face The Entire Time. I Felt like We Did an Actual Good Christmas Deed”


Source of Photograph: http://www.ocregister.com/news/tables-382058-choe-lynn.html

For approximately 20 years, Two Brothers Pizza has been located on the northeast corner of Brookhurst Street and Garfield Avenue in Fountain Valley, a city in Orange County, California. In 1994, John Chou (age 57 in 2012) took over the pizzeria. The restaurant has wooden tables, and teenagers sometimes carve their names into the tables. Steve Lynn, age 28, said, “It’s one of those things where we’ve been going there for 20 years and we’ve treated it like our second home. We were thinking, ‘How cool would it be to get them new tables?’” In fact, Mr. Lynn, Mike Ruffino (Mr. Lynn’s best friend), and 10 other friends bought six new tables for Two Brothers Pizza at a cost of $600. (When they were younger, Mr. Lynn and Mr. Ruffino had both carved their names into the old tables.) Mr. Lynn said, “We kept the tables wood, because I would kind of expect them to be carved into again.” On 23 December 2012, they gave Mr. Chou the new tables. With the help of Ann Choe, Mr. Chou’s oldest daughter, and her boyfriend, Ben Smith, they made it a surprise. They installed the new tables in the morning of December 23, and then Amy called her parents to come to the pizzeria. They walked in, and a dozen or so people shouted, “Surprise!” Mr. Ruffino said, “It was awesome. I had a big stupid grin on my face the entire time. I felt like we did an actual good Christmas deed.” Mr. Chou said, “I am so thankful for them. They make me want to return the favor by doing something for the community.” Carving on the tables is a tradition that will continue. Each table has a small plaque that states, “Christmas 2012. Respect the Bros. Carve only — no ink.” Mr. Chou said, “If I turn my back and [the kids] carve their names, good.”

For Further Information: Christopher Haire, “After carving names in tables, customers buy new ones for pizzeria.” Orange County Register (California). 29 December 2012; updated 1 January 2013


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