How We Do A Drive-By In Canada

According to Canadian RideVictoria, “One R.A.C. a day helps keep self-centeredness away.” (An R.A.C. is a Random Act of Coolness, although some people may think that it is a typical Random Act of Canadians.) On YouTube, he posted a short video of one of his own R.A.C.s. While riding his motorcycle, he saw an elderly woman whose mobility scooter had gotten stuck. Two of its wheels had gone off the cement sidewalk and onto soft earth. She was unable to reverse the scooter and get its wheels back onto the sidewalk. RideVictoria saw her, stopped, and pushed the scooter back onto the sidewalk. The whole thing took about a minute. By the way, DaddyTheTechnition commented on the YouTube video, “Reminds me of what I did a few weeks ago as I was walking home with my wife from Wal Mart, I took notice as we left the doors of an elderly lady going around the corner on her lil scooter from the parking lot to the street the same way we were gonna be traveling. As we came around the corner we walked up on a bag with a 4 litre of milk in it, I grabbed it up and ran to catch up with her at the intersection down the street. She was so grateful, as was I for being able to help her out. Felt good!”

For Further Information: RideVictoria, “How We Do A Drive-By In Canada.” YouTube. 9 August 2013

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