“If It was $20 or Something, I Might have Pocketed It. It was Like, This is Somebody’s Livelihood”

Breck Reeves

Source of Screenshot of Breck Reeves: http://www.ksee24.com/news/local/Good-Samaritan–219498201.html

On 6 August 2013, retired farmworker Guadalupe Salazar, age 69, of Yettem, California, lost an envelope containing $6,900 in $100 bills outside the Department of Motor Vehicles in Visalia, California. Shortly afterward, Breck Reeves, age 46, of Exeter, California, saw the envelope and walked past it. When he returned, he saw the envelope again and picked it up. As his wife, Sarah, drove their car, he looked in the envelope and saw the money and counted it. He said, “If it was $20 or something, I might have pocketed it. It was like, this is somebody’s livelihood.” They returned to the DMV and talked to the security officer; the money was handed in to Vidalia police. Mr. Reeves said, “I immediately felt better. It wasn’t mine to begin with.” Meanwhile, Mr. Salazar discovered that his envelope filled with money was missing. He said, “I felt really bad. I was angry at myself.” The money was from a check he had gotten from his insurance company after a car accident. The following day, Mr. Salazar returned to the DMV and was told to contact Visalia police. He was able to provide documentation showing his ownership of the money, and so the money was returned to him. He said, “It’s very, very wonderful.” Vidalia police praised Mr. Reeves “for his honesty and civic duty.” Ricardo, Mr. Salazar’s son, said about Mr. Reeves’ honesty, “It was just incredible, my dad … he had no words, we were all shocked.” Mr. Salazar gave Mr. Reeves a $400 reward.

For Further Information: Lewis Griswold, “Good Samaritan turns in $6,900 in cash found outside Visalia DMV.” Fresno Bee (California).12 August 2013


For Further Information: “Good Samaritan Turns in Nearly $7k Found at DMV.” KSEE (Fresno, California). 13 August 2013


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