“If Your Name is Jenny and You Live in Glen Iris [in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia], Lauren Wants You to Know She’s Very Thankful”


Source of Photograph: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Glen_Iris.jpg

In March 2012, Lauren visited Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, and lost her wallet. A woman named Jenny found it. Inside the wallet were money and an appointment card for a healthcare provider. Jenny phoned the healthcare provider, who phoned Lauren to make sure that she had lost a wallet and who then gave Jenny Lauren’s phone number. Jenny wanted details so that she could mail the wallet back to Lauren, and Lauren gave Jenny permission to take $50 out of the wallet to pay for postage and to keep the rest of the $50 as a reward. Jenny sent back the wallet and ALL of the money. Lauren did not have Jenny’s address and so could not send her a thank-you card, so she contacted Steve Perkin, a writer for the Herald Sun (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia), who wrote about the good deed, concluding with, “So if your name is Jenny and you live in Glen Iris [in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia], Lauren wants you to know she’s very thankful.”

For Further Information: Steve Perkin, “Jenny praised for good deed.” Herald Sun (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia). 26 March 2012 <http://www.heraldsun.com.au/ipad/jenny-praised-for-good-deed/story-fn6bn88w-1226309695403&gt;.

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